December 19

set your schedule up for success

(this is one of the very first videos i ever shot. i apologize ahead of time for the "moving" picture. lol. pay attention to it, instead of viewing it.).

If you're anything like me and not naturally good at discipline and/or consistency, possibly THIS is the very first thing you need to do before doing anything else with your company.

Arrange yourself and set up for success.

You most likely have a full-time task today, so you will break these activities up as you're tackling your day. If you are working your organisation FULL time, nevertheless, you have no excuse not to be focusing the majority of your "work day" on your organisation.

For me, I have the start of my day set up for personal advancement. This means quality time on my body with workout and nutrition, along with alone time with my pet for both his and my fulfillment AND most significantly, setting my MIND right by listening to and reading from individuals I want to duplicate.

Right after that I move right along to an Earnings Making Activity, or an IPA. This is something that is done to GROW my company. Advertising, marketing, responding to emails and facebook personal messages on questions from individuals who have actually seen my videos or have received my lessons. This provide me quality time one-on-one with future colleagues.

I enable my personal time some breaks for meals and simply to walk far from my desk. Also, if I have chores or errands to have the tendency to, I allow myself that. After all, I became my own employer to have the freedom to choose when/how I do my day, right?

Till you reach that point of automation and a shortened schedule, however, there will be sacrifices and some "enjoyable" individual activities you will lose out on. Delighted hours, weekend trips … HOW BAD DO YOU DESIRED IT? If your "why" isn't really huge enough, that carrot hanging in front of your face is not going to take you to your destination. Figure out why you're doing this. When that is clear, you will make the time to obtain your service where you desire it to be. And you will get the success you are setting yourself up for.

Instead of gossiping at the lunch table with your coworkers, you will take the 30 minutes to read your book. Rather of filling your mind with the dirt of news, or paying attention to your preferred soundtrack, you will listen to an inspirational audio on your method to and from work.

You will find yourself NOT switching on the TV to your favorite mindless program after getting back, but getting to an IPA for a couple hours prior to you know you will burn out and stop.

Your ROUTINE will change because you will be altering!!! And you can't get what it is you never had without first changing yourself and your surroundings! True story!!

Choose to make your life better. Decide to spend your time growing rather of stalling. And START. Start with SOMETHING, today!

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Mi Ran.
Success Fan.
I invest in the connection between your WHY and your VISION to direct you to the SUCCESS that is your fate.

skype username: minahopper.


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