December 19

Get 3 New Clients On LinkedIn… then “Rinse” and Repeat!

– Training Video: Discover 13 Designs of Marketing/Promo Videos

– Access to 150+ Hours of marketing, lead-generation, client-attraction, and business-building Video Tutorials and Related Resources (checklists, sample email campaigns, library of headings, and more …).

— Get listed in our Coaches' Directory site & Get Your Own Profile Page (FREE/FREE); as well as access Lead-Generation, Client-Attraction, and Busines-Building Training to assist you Get More Customers and Construct the Coaching Practice you so well be worthy of …

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1. Get 3 New Clients by Next Week on LinkedIn Provided by: E.G. Sebastian Author, Speaker, Coach Social Media Marketing Strategies.
2. Why LinkedIn?
3. Training/ Resources/ Direct exposure – More than 200 Million Users – Male Users: 61%; Female Users: 39% – 63% No Children; 37% Have Kids – 2.7 Million+ Service Pages – 1.5 Million LinkedIn Groups – The 14th The majority of Visited Site on the Plannet – Source: Why is this great to know? LI Statistics.
4. Training/ Resources/ Exposure – 18 6% – 18-24 9% – 25-34 24% – 35-44 23% – 45-54 22% – 55-64 12% – 65+ 5% Why is this great to know? Age Demographics.
5. Training/ Resources/ Exposure – No College 22% – College 52% – Grad School 26% – $0-50k 31% – $50-100k 34% – $100-150k 19% – $150k+ 15% Why is this great to know? Education & Income Demographics.
6. Training/ Resources/ Exposure Rank – United States 32.0% 12 – India 17.5% 8 – United Kingdom 3.6% 14 – Brazil 3.0% 21 – Australia 3.0% 10 – Canada 2.6% 12 – Netherlands 2.6% 9 – South Africa 1.8% 8 – Spain 1.8% 21 – China 1.6% 236 Why is this good to understand? International Stats.
7. Training/ Resources/ Exposure So … How Do You Find Your New Customers on LI?
8. Training/ Resources/ Exposure 1. Know who your perfect client is: – What is his/her job – How much $$$ they make – Where can you discover them – Exactly what keeps them up during the night? 2. Be Clear on Exactly what Service You Supply: – It must solve a pain/challenge– or help with a meet a strong desire – Someone is actively looking for this service– requires it and desires it – Rate it in a manner that it attract your ideal customer *** Be known by your potential customers– Be Visible– Gain their Trust *** 2.5 "Requirements".
9. Training/ Resources/ Direct exposure Gain Presence & Trust – Exist in the groups where your perfect client hangs out – Offer valuable input: remarks, share resources (50+% NOT YOURS) – Share videos, post, lists, articles, infographics, webinars, invites to Radio Program Interviews, etc. (yours) – All your self-promotional activities ought to be Lead-Generation Tools – Take part in one-on-one conversation with your ideal client (e.g. after seeing their post) – CONNECT with Group Manager/s and gain their trust. Offer to support them! * – COMMENTS are your # 1 way to show your expertis, & Gain Trust, Like, and Visibility!!!
10. Training/ Resources/ Direct exposure The Lead-Generation & Client-Attraction Method When your ducks remain in a row … 1. Be a member in the Groups where your Suitable Client is LOOKING FOR SOLUTIONS(!) 2. Contact them independently and use them an option– begin with a Checklist, Video (guide), Free Webinar (most effective) 3. When you establish visibility and trust *, call them and provide them a paid consult (dealing with tough teen, video marketing, strategic preparation, conflict management, etc.– offer option to their a lot of burning pain) 4. Subsequent!!!
11. Training/ Resources/ Direct exposure USAGE a CRM 1. Keep records of who you spoke with and what you talked about 2. LI "CRM" keeps an eye on your discussions for you 3. Set a suggestion of when to subsequent– it's simple in LI.
12. Training/ Resources/ Exposure USE a CRM 1. T.
13. Training/ Resources/ Exposure Resources –– Subsequent with Class –– Marketing/Promo Video Creation Training – Lead-Generation/ List Structure Group Training.
14. Training/ Resources/ Exposure.
15. Training/ Resources/ Direct exposure Do You Wish to Accelerate Your Training Organisation Development? Contact me at and establish a time to chat … (30-minutes No-Strings-Attached Marketing-Planning Session; or talk about how to get rid of a current stumbling block) … or call me through LinkedIn (


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